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Bill Bliesath (pronounced BLISS-it), "The Organizing Guy", has been organizing homes and offices for over ten years. Whether he’s keynote speaking, leading a workshop, doing a private consultation or hands-on organizing, he’s noted for getting to the heart of the matter with humor, compassion and insight. He’s also a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

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The Organizing GuyWhat does he do? Let's ask him!
Hey, Organizing Guy. What do you do?

I offer in-person, hands-on, shirtsleeves-rolled-up, label-maker-at-the-ready organizing services and coaching/consultations for individuals and small groups. For larger audiences, I give a rousing presentation and my seminars are as fun as they are informative. From Los Angeles, California and Minneapolis, Minnesota, I travel the country helping people get control over their clutter. I also coach people successfully over the phone. Breakthroughs can be made long distance! In person or over the phone, I help motivate people and get them over their hurdles. These hurdles may be basic, yet profound; procrastination, not knowing where to start or having problems letting go. No generation before ours has been so inundated with information and “stuff”. As a result, we have a much greater challenge in managing our time and organizing our space and should not feel like failures compared to our parents and grandparents. If you want to get organized you will need your WITS: Will, Interest, Time and Support. My job is to help you through the process.

How do you do it Organizing Guy?

With any organizing challenge I use the following Seven Simple Steps:

    My desk is no longer dysfunctional!
  1. Assess and prioritize.
  2. Get what you need to do the deed.
  3. Categorize, sort, purge and move on.
  4. Clean it up.
  5. Containerize, label and place in their new homes.
  6. Celebrate your success.
  7. Maintain it.

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What do I cover? Here's a list:

Residential Services: Home offices, closets and garages. From filing cabinets to spice cabinets, I do it all. Find out more.

Business Services: Whether it’s hopeless desktops or inter-office communications, it can be organized and easily maintained. Take the frustration and worry out of relocation. More.

Keynote Speaking: The Organizing Guy can work a room, whether it’s a rec room or a hotel ballroom in Wailea. Whatever the group size may be, from 12 to 1200, Bill leaves his audiences revved up and ready with the specific tools they need to streamline their organizing chaos into order. Click here for more information.

Kind sense of humor

Seminars/Workshops: With memorable events like “Desktop-Cleanup Competitions” and a highly interactive and energetic approach, The Organizing Guy inspires and entertains. His seminar “Organizing for your Peace of Mind” leads groups to new awareness and action in settings as diverse as mountain spa retreats to airport hotel meeting rooms. Find out more.

Events/Appearances: I’m also a TV celebrity. How fun is that? Click here to see me with the guys on NBC’s “The Other Half”.

Products Shopping Cart: New! Check this out! Some of the most useful and attractive organizing products I've found. EASY online ordering from Bill's own personalized shopping cart at http://www.OrganizedAtoZ.com

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Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers
Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers