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Have you seen him? Events and Appearances

TV Appearances

The Organizing Guy is featured on NBC’s The Other Half, the show that explores the world of women through the eyes of men.

Bill waxes eloquent on procrastination, a speech he put off writing till the last minute ... Just kidding!
On this segment Bill Organized closets with Mario Lopez and Dr. Jan...
Desktops with Danny Bonaduce...
And junk drawers with...
... Dick Clark

The beauty of Bill’s organizational philosophy

Radio Waves

The Organizing Guy had the pleasure of being interviewed by “Mystery Science Theatre 3000’s” Mary Jo Pehl on Twin Cities KSTP Radio. Click these links to hear Bill’s unique take on things, and Mary Jo’s hi-larious reactions.

Segment 1 (6'19"):
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Radio Waves
Segment 2 (5'48"):
MP3 (7.96Mb)
Real Audio (streaming)
Segment 3 (9'09"):
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Segment 4 (4'34"):
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The Printed Word

The Organizing Guys Seven Simple Steps are easily adapted to industry specific needs. Bill’s been interviewed in countless Magazines and Trade Publications. Here’s an article published in Travel Age West:

Behind the Scenes

Hotel Donaldson

You have to go... It's the coolest! Luxurious, hip, friendly boutique hotel with an amazing restaurant and a really swell bar, at a surprising zip code.
Rest assured, it's as organized on the inside as it is on the outside.
Hotel Donaldson 701-478-1000

Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops

Bill’s amazing seminar “Organizing for your Peace of Mind”, is a favorite at spas and health clubs. In an atmosphere of rest and rejuvenation, participants can learn to enjoy that spa feeling a little longer by taming the chaos in their lives back home. It’s a natural connection that recent guests at these Centers enjoyed. Contact them for information on upcoming appearances:

  • Oaks Spa, Ojai California Oaks Spa - Ojai, California.
    The Oaks Spa promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
    That’s what being organized is all about.
    Contact them for upcoming seminar events and dates:
    The Oaks 805-646-5573

  • The Marsh, A Center for Balance and Fitness - Minnetonka, Minnesota.
    The Marsh, Minnetonka, Minnesota
    The Marsh provides an environment and a philosophy that inspires, challenges, educates, and supports a healthy approach to life through professional care and guidance. The Marsh integrates architecture and aerobics, nutrition and nurturing to help you balance the mind and body.
    Contact them for upcoming seminar events and dates:
    The Marsh 952-935-2202
    http://www.The Marsh.com

Desktop 101 Seminar at Target Desktop 101 Seminar at Target

What do you get when you fill a room with 300 managers and one witty, informative guy who likes to organize?

You get the Organizing Guy in action. His high energy, interactive seminars leave you revved up and inspired. You get 20 of those managers involved in a four minute desktop organizing competition, and not only do they implement Bill’s techniques in a memorable way, the other 280 managers get both a lesson and a laugh they’ll never forget.

The old saying

Upcoming book  
Coming Soon To a Bookstore Near You!!

Look for The Organizing Guy’s upcoming book with his simple step-by-step directions showing you how to easily organize your closets, desktops and other problem areas!

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