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What others are saying about The Organizing Guy

“Bill helped me break organizing down to simple, do-able steps, and the result is a system I can stick with. Thanks, Bill.”
Dan Swanson, Minneapolis, MN

“The beauty of Bill’s organizational philosophy is that, like any great system, it applies to more than just something like clutter, it applies to life. Thank you for giving me back my life and more time to enjoy it.”

Anne Marie Gillen,
Film Producer, Los Angeles, CA

“Bill’s help, vision and humorous but persistent nagging was just the jumpstart I needed to make some significant changes in my home and my life. Thanks, Bill.”
Barb Huffman, Minneapolis, MN

“My desk is no longer dysfunctional. And I’m not exaggerating, it’s affected the whole office staff. Thanks, Bill, for your help in the NICK of time.”
Felicia Thompson, Director,
Madhouse Productions, MN

“I’m recommending The Organizing Guy to all my friends. Being organized gives us more free time to do fun things together.”
Charlotte C., St. Paul, MN

"Bill came in to our office and worked with us over a period of several weeks. After working with him at the office, I was inspired to go home and tackle organizing projects there. Now both my office and my home are better organized."
Lori McCreary, Executive Director,
Revelations Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA

It is great to consolidate

"A. Organized: To arrange in an orderly way, systematic.
B. Orderly: neat, tidy and in good order.
C. Systematic: forming a methodical system.
D. Pleasant: pleasing and delightful.
E. Intelligent: bright, perceptive, clever and having an alert mind.
The Organizing Guy - Bill Bliesath--- IS ALL OF THE ABOVE.
Hooray for Bill!!!!!

Thanks for your help and patience, Bill. You have made a significant difference in finding us new efficient and effective ways to be organized. I never even realized how stressful being disorganized was until I became organized."
Debbie N., Los Angeles, CA

“We couldn’t have done our move without you, Bill.”
Michael Pettee, Director of Operations,
Jack Morton Worldwide,
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“With a kind sense of humor, Bill Bliesath offered some pointed advice for our group of professional editors and writers facing the dual challenge of keeping home and office organized – when home and office share the same space.”
Molly Stein,
Professional Editors Network, Minnesota

“I was having such a difficult time reducing my clutter and making sense of my files. Bill asked me some questions about the materials I was saving. When I could not give a coherent answer about why it was essential to keep the items, he touched my arm, looked me in the eye and said kindly, “We can let them go”. He helped me let go and now, I know, what I have is truly significant.”
Penny St. John, Los Angeles, CA

“My file cabinet was full to bursting. I had no more space in my home office. Bill “liberated” some file space by insisting that every paper that entered the system had to have an exit strategy as well."
Sharon Bialy, Casting Director, Los Angeles, CA

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